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Over the years, we’ve gotten a bit of attention from the press. Here are just a few articles and comments about us from our guests:

A Heavenly Haven


Magnetic Murphys


A Creek Runs Through It



What Our Guests Say About The Cottages at La Honda Park:



We had a lovely stay. The grounds are beautiful and it is calm and peaceful. You are wonderful hosts. Thank you, Dan & Penny


Barr & Jenny;
Wow! Really, own OWN private resort. It was an amazing retreat. Hiking New Melones. Visiting Angels Camp, Mercer Caverns, dinner at Ground and the Barn all for our use. Thank you so much for putting us in Ripplewood. We had a very relaxing, romantic stay. We’ll definitely want to revisit. Love the Barn! — Bob & Renée


Barr & Jenny;
Thanks for a great weekend at Thanksgiving! — The W. Clan


You both are FANTASTIC hosts! You clearly have something great together and what a slice of paradise! Great things come to people of love. Thank you! — Alex

Thank you, this place is amazing; a slice of heaven! We enjoyed every minute of it!


We have had the most wonderful, amazing, relaxing weekend! Perfect place for a family gathering. Thank you so much, Karen & Dave H.

La Honda is paradise! Barr thanks for trading out the shower head. Much better! This was the best reunion I’ve ever had. Thanks for making that possible. Hope to return very soon. — Lydia M.

This has been the perfect place for our family with the separate cottages for the elder couples & the big house for us 2nd generation. The lawn made the perfect baseball fiend for some friendly competition & the pool allowed for some nice relaxing, cool-off time from the heat. Hope that we can manage to return here someday with the others we are missing. — Amber G.

What an incredible property, from the horseshoes to the flashlights in all the cottages. We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to return!
— David M.

Wonderful site for family. I loved it all and the hosts are great. — Jim M., El Paso, TX


Wow! Always a good time to be had at La Honda. Our 3rd family get together. We look forward to the next one (hopefully next year)! The place is beautiful & peaceful & tranquil — thanks for everything!


Another great family vacation; our 4th year here. Very peaceful. Our family looks forward to this trip every year and we have started bringing more family members to join us! Great day in nearby Columba & Angels Camp. Returning back for a swim and conversation on the front lawn in the shade. : ) Our boys hiked the river each day and played pool in the barn, Sad for our stay to end, but we will be back next year.


One of our best trips ever…celebrating 10 years of marriage, we couldn’t have found a better place; our own private getaway. We will be back with friends and tell everyone we know. Great time.
— John & Kellie W.


Our second family get together here… had trepidation about the magic wearing off but it was even better. You’ve done a wonderful job of making the place inviting, and family-friendly… all the family from my 75 years down to four months loved our stay.
Thanks, Wilma & Jim


Third time is the charm. The best ever! We had a blast — Smudge & Cosmo are such great friends — Cosmo spent every night with us! We are so, so relaxed and love it here so much. We’ll see you next year if not sooner! Wishing you the best, we have so much in common! All our love, Dennis, Patti and Smudge


Thank you so much for the awesome weekend retreat! This beautiful property was perfect for a large group of friends, The kids had an amazing time as well as the adults. : ) We hope to come back again — soon!
The Hoops, Tillerys, Tuckers, Halls & Crosses


Dear Jenny & Barr;
Thank you so very much for our wonderful stay at your gorgeous place; here for the family/cousin reunion. Everything was perfect!
— Steve & Marian P.


What a wonderful find! We love it and felt so “at home” here. : ) We swam, we played, we loved it and we hope to return!
Thank you, Jenny & Rob, Cooper & Ava B.

June 2013

Dear Jenny & Barr;
What an amazing place you have created. So clean & cozy, and wonderful. We cannot wait to come back. Two days is not long enough in this peaceful wonderland.
Thank you, Eric, Nicole & Gia


Too short but oh so sweet! Can’t wait to come back with the whole family. Jenny & Barr, you’ve created a lovely little refuge here!
— Elizabeth S.


Thank you so much. The cottages are absolutely adorable! Will be back again soon.
— The W family


We were so pleased by our first visit to The Cottages at La Honda Park, we are certain to return. The property is absolutely beautiful, and only 5 minutes outside of Murphys. The cottages are spread out on the property, so there is lots of privacy. The cottage has everything you need, but if you want more, there is also a full-sized communal kitchen and a barn with more communal socializing opportunities (pool table, foosball table, etc.) Jenny and Barr are very hospitable and helpful. It’s especially nice that the cars are left in a lot at the edge of the property, so no “car noise” outside your windows!
– Lucy G.


We had such an amazing time! Much needed girl time away from husbands and kids! : )
Thank you for everything — you guys are awesome and we love you lots!
— Jess & Dee & lots of Jens + 1 Sarah : )


Jenny & Barr;
Once again, a superlative 4-day weekend at La Honda for us to celebrate our anniversary and the passage of summer with our dear friends. Thank you so much for always providing such a well equipped, well maintained and beautiful space for all to enjoy. It’s FUN, FUN, FUN until this final bittersweet moment when I write a note in your guest book and then must leave. Back again in 2013 to be sure! Lots of love, Gavin & Jenna M.


Our own Shangri-La as after Saturday we had the place to ourselves for three more days! (Except for Cosmo who kept us company.)
— Jim and Marilyn W, on our porch


Jenny & Barr;
I can’t imagine more generous hosts! You guys are the best; thanks so very much!
We love the compound so very much! — Dylan & family


Jenny & Barr,
This is our third time here and we still love it. Sorry wee missed you guys this weekend. Cosmo was a great host. See you next year, if not sooner.
— Jim & Helen W., Placerville, CA


Awesome time, place, people, food, drinks and fun. Happy Birthday, JG! Thank you Nadine. Until next time, La Honda.


Wow, what a hidden gem! We can’t wait to spread the word to our friends and family. Thank you for building such a beautiful, peaceful place to share with us. — Daniel, Nicole, Justin, & Tricia

February 2012

Just a quick visit, but we imagine that it would be glorious in summer with a group of friends. Looking forward to visiting again! Cheers, Rebecca


Thank you for everything. We had a wonderful time in the Pool House and at your beautiful property. We shall return. Everything is so clean, clean, clean and we certainly appreciate your efforts and hard work and love you have put into the Cottages at La Honda Park. Cheers, Susan & Rich


Benjamin Party of 25
Everyone is thrilled at the beautiful grounds and accommodations here — YAHOO!


The family are enjoying their 2-night stay here amongst the trees and running stream. What a heavenly place to commune with nature! We will remember it always with fond affection.
— Dona D., Woodside, CA


Wonderfully  charming and quaint, Amazing hospitality for a private event.
Thank you!
— SLH, Bay Area, CA


We are back for the 2nd year in a row — this time brought our friends — and what a wonderful respite this has been. The weather has been gorgeous, the rooms cozy, the restaurants delicious, the hike at New Melonas just right, the long, luxurious evenings in the barn so perfect. So glad to meet you this time, Jenny, and please let us know that Cosmo made it home safely. Thank you for making such a beautiful, welcoming space.
— Katie E.


Best Weekend Ever
Who knew that we would fall head over heels in love with this place? This is a little slice of heaven. Thank you for creating a wonderful place. I hope to be back again, again, and again!
— Marina


Barr & Jenny;
As you know we just love this place : )
— Douglas and Susan, Redwood City, CA


Jenny & Barr;
Thank you so much for this wonderful vacation. We had such an amazing weekend and hope to make this girls’ weekend a yearly event. Love you guys, Ashley R.


Rain or shine, your cottages don’t lose their sense of dreamy country splendor. The personal nature of every room (the bathrooms, the kitchen, the barn) made me feel like I had just come home from a long, hard month. If there was ever a place where I would come to meditate, reflect, or write a book, THIS would be it! Thanks for a wonderful stay! — Maria Rodriguez

November 2010

I usually don’t sleep very well when I’m away from home, but the rooms and beds were so cozy I fell asleep right away. The town of Murphys is a real blast. Our favorite tasting room was Lavender Ridge. I came here with the girls, and I am sure we’ll come again. However, I’m sure that I will also come with my husband. Jenny, you were a gracious host and we all had a fantastic time that reminded me of childhood slumber parties, fun car rides, and good times. Thanks for the memories! I know we will be back for more.
— Liz


There was only one problem we had during our stay… NONE of us wanted to leave…EVER! It could prove to be a problem for Jenny & Barr. Thanks you for the perfect accommodations in this perfect setting, from all of us in Dangerous Curves Women’s Motorcycle Group. We can’t wait for our next visit!
— Kendall, Natalie, Victoria, Tyler, Marie, Cara, Scott, Diana, Anel, Raquel & Lexie


What an awesome place. Such a treat to know that there’s a peaceful retreat not far from home… thank you for all you do to make this available to not just a few!
— Geanie, Sacramento, CA


Absolutely beautiful. Thanks you for having a wonderful reunion spot.
— Jim & Linda Patrick, daughter Traci, granddaughter Emily & grandson Caden


Edward B. and Susie B. had a really fun visit! Thank you!


Beautiful property! Thank you so much. Had a wonderful time at our family reunion.
Cheers, Randy & Kim V. and girls


Great people, great event, Thanks for the hospitality and for sharing your little slice of heaven with us!
— Evan & Melissa S., San Rafael, CA


A step back in time! We had the entire park to ourselves & how wonderful & peaceful it is. Cosmo was out constant companion. What a love he is! Thank you for such a lovely stay! We will be returning again, for sure.
— Sheri & Ray

PS. Barr, thank you for all the conversations and your hospitality. We loved our stay & visiting with Cosmo. I missed petting a kitty. We will return. Thank Jenny for us.

July 2009

Barr & Jenny – The place is beautiful! A perfect place to come and a great way to support the arts at Westlake.
—Joyce S.

July 13-­19, 2009

What a wonderful week at your beautiful stream­side cabins and house. Our entire extended family (ages 77 years ­ 10 months) had a wonderful week. The little ones enjoyed the swings and the great big years. The teenagers “lived” in your barn’s game room. The older generation enjoyed just sitting on the porch — visiting, reading or doing needlework and listening to our kids’ guitars, keyboard and mbira. All of us spent many hours playing in your comfortable pool. And some had great creek­walk adventures. Fun, fun, fun!! Your two kitchens and grill were great in helping us prepare our meals for as many as 30 people. Thanks for such a welcoming facility. We’re hoping to come back again for a week next summer.

PS — I appreciate that you are so welcoming to families, and we know that it is because your family is also so important to you. We love La Honda!
— Dan, Katie, Ellie & Anderson C.


The Oliveira clan had a fun-­filled weekend. The water fight in the pool went on all afternoon. Jason held swap over the pool table until Gary put him in his place. We stargazed, panned for gold, and ate too much. No one wants to go home and we all want to come back next year!
— Robin O.


Epic, amazing, delicious, comical, crazy, gut­-busting, floating ecstasy of a weekend. Thanks for another one for the ages. We love you and we love the compound. Hope to see you very soon.
— Love, Brian and Kelley


Another perfect weekend – thanks to you! Jenny & Barr, you are the best!
Big kisses, Molli & Matt

What an amazing weekend! We couldn’t have asked for more. Until next year, thanks so much!
— Love always, Chris, Molly, Ella & Luke

Another fantastic weekend! thanks for everything. See you next time!
— Love, Kara, Greg, Emery & New Baby

This was out first trip to “Le Compound” and we are so very grateful for the invite! What an amazing group of people! We had a wonderful, relaxing, restorative time… just what the doctor ordered! Thank you a million times!
— The Renfrews

Thank you so much for another amazing weekend. This place is so magical. We feel so blessed to be included inn this fun, awesome group of friends. We love you so much. Thanks for everything. Can’t wait to do it again!
— Love, Natalie, Dave & Ryan